Watching My Bloat.

The last thing you want to do when you work the London escorts nightshift, is to feel or look bloated. It does not look very sexy. At the same time, most London escorts hate feeling hungry. It is really hard to go through the nightshift without having something to eat. If you are on a dinner date, then everything is okay, but I think all London escorts would struggle to go through the night without having anything to eat.

Eating fruit is a good idea. Some charlotte London escorts are under the impression that all fruit bloats you but that is not true. Some fruits are what I like to call London escorts friendly. You don’t want to eat too many of them, but there are certainly fruits that will not make you feel bloated. A banana and a slice of water melon are two fruits which are a great way to keep the bloat away. As they are packed with microminerals, they are relatively easy to digest.

The other snack you may want to consider is a crumpet. They are very light and when toasted with a little bit of butter, they will give you an energy boost to help you last the night. Lots of London escorts like to keep a few crumpets around their boudoirs. If you don’t like crumpets, you can try a bowl of cornflakes. Wash them down with a small amount of milk and your stomach will thank you for it. A rumbling tummy is not something most gents who like to date London escorts appreciate.

You can also try dates. This snack has been used for a very long time to keep your strength up. A couple of dates eaten in between dates is another great way to make sure you don’t bloat when snacking. Dates can easily be slipped into your London escorts handbag and quickly eaten. You can even try to grow the pips. Their own date palm is something most London escorts would appreciate. It would make a fantastic addition to any living room plant collection.

Cucumbers are great for snacking on as well, Of course, you don’t want to eat a whole one, but snacking on small pieces of cucumber will not make you feel bloated. Some girls at London escorts make up small salads of cucumber and feta cheese. The Greek cheese is easy to digest and tastes great with a couple of slices of cucumber on a hot summer’s night when you need to work hard to keep your clientele busy.

You could also drinking a small cup of chocolate or eating dark chocolate. The kind of chocolate you find in boxes of chocolate is often too packed with sugar to be good for you. Instead try to buy a dark chocolate that is low in sugar and maybe does not have too much dairy in it. A good alternative would be Moo chocolate which you will find in leaking supermarkets or in health food stores such as Holland and Barret. Remember that we all have different food sensitivities and not all London escorts may find my that my snack suggestions suit them.